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The Medical Team

Dr Mordechay Medvedovsky (M.D.) – Specialist in MEG and Neurology
Dr Medvedovsky is a nuerological specialist, with vast experience in the analyses of EEG and MEG in epileptic patients.
Over the two years of work in the Helsinky University Hospital, he has acquired MEG experience, while treating epileptic patients and analyzing their MEG results.
Aside from working in the MEG clinic, Dr. Medvedovsky works in research and analysis in the Brain Functional Research Center in Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital.

Yuval Harpaz (M.Sc) – MEG Operator
Together with the clinic Doctor, Yuval holds responsibility for all MEG operational duties. Yuval operates computational programs that allow the removal of environmental noise from the MEG data, localization of epileptic and other brain activity and presenting the data on the MRI scans.
Aside from his clinical duties, Yuval is completing his Ph.D. in the field of ambiguous use of language, using MEG as a major analytical tool.

Sagit Koren (B.Sc.) – MEG Clinic Coordinator
Sagit coordinates all clinical and marketing activities of the MEG clinic. . 
Caring for the patients from their primary referral, through the MEG exam and finally with the results is a part of Sagit's everyday activities.
Further more, all co-ordinations needed with the hospitals and other medically caring teams, are taken care of by her.
Another part of the role as a coordinator includes marketing activity co-ordinations, such as-lectures, conferences and workshops