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Pre Surgical Mapping of the Brain

Patient preparation for brain surgery is a long and complex process during which many examinations and imaging procedures take place.

MEG is now used routinely for pre surgical identification of function-specific cortex in a variety of patients, including those of lesional and non-lesional epilepsy, arterial-venous malformations (AVMs), and other neurological abnormalities.

MEG functional mapping is based on the technique of averaged evoked responses, similar to that used to record evoked EEG potentials.
Specially designed stimulus delivery systems make it possible to present sensory stimuli to the patient, thereby activating areas sub serving higher functions such as language appreciation and production. Techniques have been developed for recording activity of motor areas in the brain, thereby allowing complete mapping of functional areas of the brain that should be avoided in the course of neurosurgery.

Pre-surgical functional mapping is an important factor for risk assessment evaluation in the pre-surgical planning process. The information derived from the MEG functional mapping helps better plan the surgery, reduce the risks or possibly damage to vital areas of the brain.  
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