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Referral Information

Patients been referred to the MEG clinic should have the following medical information: 

1. A recent MRI scan, that includes the nose and ears
    Further requirements for MRI protocols before MEG are found on our site. 
2. A video EEG summary
3. Letter of referral for MEG

We recommend that further medical history or any other medical exams the patient underwent, be brought to the neurologist's appointment in the MEG clinic. The goal of the patient-doctor meeting, previous to the actual MEG exam, is to ultimately pre-plan the MEG acquisition. 
Valuable information is often found in previous imaging such as –PET, SPECT and EEG, in references written by the medical staff and in previous hospitalizations summaries. 

Please Note!
It is very important to aware the medical staff of patients with high probability for magnetical interferences. 
Such interferences could be caused by previous brain surgeries, dental or orthodental care, VNS and other surgeries that a metal device has been planted into the patient's body (pacemakers, orthopedic screws etc.).
In some cases, due to high magnetic interference, it could be impossible to perform the MEG exam.